About E-valuate-IT

E-valuate-IT is an award-winning online survey platform, hosted and supported in Australia.

E-valuate-IT is designed for consultants and organisations who require a secure, flexible and robust survey solution.

E-valuate-IT supports online data collection including:

  • Organisation and staff surveys
  • Research surveys
  • Diagnostic surveys
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • 360-degree feedback and multi-rater processes
  • Fully automated online quizzes

Why E-valuate-IT?


  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for increased security and privacy
  • Accommodating 24-7 instant secure access on the Web from any location
  • Tamper proof survey submission and results


  • Flexible levels of access and functionality
  • Multiple respondent groups
  • 4 levels of survey security
  • Flexible survey workflows
  • Advanced respondent anonymity options
  • Support for mixed method surveys (online, phone, paper-based)

Easy to use

  • Monitor survey progress with real-time respondent tracking
  • Save-draft option for respondents
  • Template reports for fast and accurate reporting

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